Other Sheets

Trelleborg’s assortment of rubber sheets and mats is suitable for most applications. The main applications are gaskets (seals), protection (machine and process), safety (electrical insulation, fire / smoke) and linings (industrial mats).

Trelleborg rubber sheets and mats are specially designed for use in the following industries:

Below we provide detailed information on the Trelleborg sheets we offer:

What are the characteristics of individual sheets?

SBR sheets

This is a type of synthetic rubber, with elasticity similar to that of natural rubber. The difference is that SBR displays higher abrasion resistance. It is also worth noting that a characteristic feature of SBR sheets is their lower sensitivity to temperature fluctuations, as well as to different types of weather conditions. Hence, they will work ideally in places where the risk of damage is greater, like on playgrounds, in gyms or care homes.


NR sheets

This type of sheet is used in the food industry. They have the PZH attestation and are applied in such branches of the food industry as the dairy, meat, fish and mustard and vinegar production industries. Their maximum working temperature is 70 degrees Celsius.


EPDM sheets

These sheets will work ideally in outdoor conditions. The material’s enhanced resistance to atmospheric conditions and aging resistance make it suitable for applications in open spaces, e.g. playgrounds. EPDM sheet also exhibits high resistance to non-organic acids, as well as to ozone. Its maximum working temperature is 100 degrees Celsius (sometimes up to 120).


CR sheets

Neoprene sheets have relatively broad applications thanks to their mechanical and physical properties. They are very resistant to atmospheric conditions, ozone and UV radiation, as well as to aliphatic solvents, oils and petroleum-based products. These sheets are suitable for the production of rubber o-rings, gaskets, load-resistant washers, components of machines exposed to UV radiation, and anti-skid mats mounted on driveways, in aircraft, and on seafaring ships.


IIR sheets

They can be applied in a rather wide temperature range from -40 to +130 degrees Celsius. They exhibit very high resistance to water vapor, bases and acids. IIR sheets can easily deal with fats or animal and plant oils. Ozone, UV radiation and other types of atmospheric conditions do not have any effect on sheets of this type.


NBR sheets

In other words, oil rubber, are a type of sheet that is extremely resistant to any type of petroleum-derivative substances, which include lubricants, oils, petroleum and gasoline. They do not perform as well when it comes to atmospheric (outdoor) conditions.


Below we provide detailed information on the Trelleborg sheets we offer: