Differences between terminology of materials: FKM and FPM

The terms Viton®, FKM, FPM often make trouble for customers who need technical gaskets made from “one” of these materials. Customers often ask us about the difference between Viton®, FKM and FPM.

The answer to this question is not so complicated as it could seem, in spite of appearances. The terms Viton®, FKM, FPM refer to the same material, based on fluorine rubber.

FKM is the acronym for the presented fluoroelastomer according to the American ASTM standard, while FPM is the international acronym according to the DIN / ISO standards.

Viton®, in turn, is the trademark registered by the company Chemours, formerly DuPont.

To summarize, they are all one and the same material. The differences in the name are due to different manufacturers adopting different standards (FKM or FPM) or using reserved trademarks (e.g. Viton®).

Różnice w nazwie Vito, FKM a FPM, różne określenia tego same matariału uszczelnienia technicznego