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Viton for technical applications

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Solutions associated with sealing in various conditions, often extreme, require very high quality of applied seals. They must be made of materials exhibiting extraordinary resistance to various types of chemical substances, and more. Trelleborg is a company with over 100 years of tradition, specializing in modern solutions related to sealing, among other things, and it offers sealing sheets and mats which work perfectly in every industry.


Trelleborg – a company with traditions

Trelleborg is a concern whose mother country is Sweden. The company specializes in modern polymer technologies. It has a rich history reaching back to 1905. Today, it is an international concern, present on forty markets around the globe. Trelleborg employs nearly 25 thousand employees. Its operations consist of three main pillars:

– Trelleborg Industrial Solutions,

– Trelleborg Wheel Systems,

– Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

This Swedish powerhouse supplies solutions of the highest quality to global markets, which serve for sealing in industries such as construction, agriculture, automotive, aviation and shipbuilding.

What are the advantages of using Trelleborg sealing solutions?

Trelleborg’s whole range of rubber sheets and mats performs its sealing function perfectly and also offers protection in the form of electrical insulation, fire protection and anti-smoke protection. These products can even be used as industrial flooring. To fully represent the character and capabilities of Trelleborg sheets, it is worth listing the advantages of this product, which are not limited solely to very good chemical resistance. Apart from that, rubber sheets and mats display excellent resistance to hydrocarbons (aliphatic and aromatic), high temperature, ozone, acids, oxidizing compounds, as well as oxidation and aging processes. Their low gas permeability should also be noted.

Trelleborg sheets made with Viton

The specialized FKM V733 sheet works perfectly in technical applications. This is because it contains 66% Viton, which is a mixture of fluoroelastomers. This material is used when the seal must have extraordinary resistance. Therefore, Trelleborg V733 FKM Viton sheets can be used under very heavy-duty industrial conditions, where high temperature and chemicals are present.

In which industries can Trelleborg rubber sheets and mats be applied?

Trelleborg, the Swedish company, offers sheets and mats that have wide applications in many diverse industries. They perform well in the sports industry and are used as equipment for firing ranges and locker rooms. They are equally useful in mining, where they serve as anti-dust sealing systems. In the construction industry, they are used as fire safety, anti-smoke mats or bearings. Aside from that, they are often used in the automotive industry, where they handle acids, bases and oils well, in the casting industry, where high temperatures are encountered, in the food industry (mats have an entire series of certificates to show that they can be applied for food purposes), as well as in the energy and chemicals industries.