Fluorodyn Caulk sealant

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The Fluorodyn Caulk sealant is an ideal solution when it comes to gluing of parts made from fluoroelastomers as well as anti-corrosion protection of surfaces in nearly every environment. This revolutionary product based on Viton®, which is a patented mixture of fluoroelastomers developed by DuPont Dow – a global leader in the chemical industry, ensures excellent sealing of flanges or filling of spaces in pipe casings.

Fluorodyn Caulk sealant contains 75% of solid substances, and thanks to the universal application of the tube packaging, it can easily be applied by means of a silicone gun. The product’s advanced formula ensures excellent resistance at points that require elasticity, tightness and high resistance to liquid permeation, and we particularly recommend applying it in areas susceptible to corrosion.

Fluorodyn Caulk sealant is characterized by resistance to nearly all acids and hydrocarbons, including nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid. It is also resistant to aliphatic, aromatic and halogen-derivative hydrocarbons, hot oil, hot acid and temperature up to +244°C. It also works perfectly under atmospheric conditions without letting through UV rays or ozone.

This product is suitable for maintenance of containers intended for chemical substances, i.e.: gasoline, Diesel fuel, naphtha, jet fuel, various types of oils and automotive coolants.

Fluorodyn Caulk is an innovative product of the highest quality. It deals with the biggest challenges when it comes to the fight against corrosion and chemical aggressiveness.  It will work wherever other products of this type fail.

Product features:
Examples of properties and applications:

∗ the droplet’s diameter decreases when the product dries

Surface preparation:

Priming is not typically necessary. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Coat a test area in order to check adhesion. Prepare the surface according to the following guidelines:

Steel: Remove all traces of oil and lubricant using the appropriate detergent, then wash the detergent off with clean water. All steel surfaces should be sanded to whiteness of the metal. Remove dust, sand and other solid particles.

Aluminum: The surface should be roughened or shot-peened. Remove all oxidations. Dust and sand particles should be removed. Prior to application, the surface should previously be rubbed with MEK (methyl ethyl ketone).

Concrete surfaces: Remove all loose contaminants. Thermodyn recommends cleaning with water or sandblasting and removal of contaminants prior to application.

Temperature of application

Fluorodyn Caulk made with Viton® was designed for application at room temperature. Thermodyn recommends testing the product before use.

Methods of application

Fluorodyn™ Caulk made with Viton® was designed for application straight from the factory packaging and then spreading by a float to the desired thickness.

Coat hardening

Following application, allow the product to dry for 48 hours or longer, depending on the thickness of the applied layer. When the material is completely dry, gradual heating is recommended for the purpose of complete vulcanization of the sealant.

Starting from 38°C, increase the temperature by 10°C every 30 minutes until 120°C, hold this temperature for an hour until the product is completely dry.

Safety notes

The product is an eye irritant. Repeated exposure may cause drying or cracking of skin. Fumes may cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Store the container in a well-ventilated place. Do not store near ignition sources – do not smoke tobacco. Avoid contaminating eyes. Apply precautions preventing electrostatic discharges. Apply only in well-ventilated rooms.

Products are not resistant to: ketones, strong bases, amines, esters.

Generally speaking, Fluorodyn™ Caulk made with Viton®, THP-1000, THP-2000, THA-3000 are advanced products resistant to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, halogen-derivative hydrocarbons, hot oils, hot acids, hot water and steam, temperature up to +244°C. After drying, they have enhanced resistance to nearly all chemical substances, including nitric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acids. These products protect against damage resulting from the influence of atmospheric factors and ozone.

Modern industry poses many challenges that our products will face unflinchingly. Use them as the first recourse, since they are an ideal solution.

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