Viton Sheets (FKM,FPM)

High-quality fluorine rubber sheets, Viton® (FKM, FPM). This material is characterized by high resistance to chemicals and temperature.

Fluorine rubber sheets are continuously available for sale.

It is possible to cut sheets to a specified length, as well as to cut gaskets of specific dimensions out from them.

Below, we show the dimensions of the whole rolls we offer:

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)
1   ±0,31200   ±2%20   ±2%
2   ±0,31200   ±2%20   ±2%
3   ±0,31200   ±2%20   ±2%
4   ±0,31200   ±2%20   ±2%
5   ±0,31200   ±2%20   ±2%
6   ±0,31200   ±2%20   ±2%

Mechanical properties of the material:

Density1,90 ± 0,05 g/cm3
Hardness75 ± 5 Shore A
Tensile strength≥ 7 MPa
Elongation at rupture≥ 250 %
Work temperature-20/+220°C


This material is resistant to the following, among others:

–  aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons

– high temperature up to 220°C

– oils, lubricants, gasolines

– aging and oxidation processes

– ozone

– acids, oxidants


This material is not resistant to:

– acetone, ethyl acetate, dioxane, methyl ethyl ketone

– sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide

– water vapor


You can find more information about the resistance of fluorine rubber and other materials here


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