Gaskets blased on fluorine rubber

Technical gaskets based on Viton® / FPM / FKM fluorine rubber are applied in broadly construed industry, wherever material with particularly high resistance to aggressive chemical media and demanding temperature conditions must be applied.

The fields in which fluorine rubber-based gaskets (Viton® / FKM / FPM) find application include the chemicals, petrochemical, energy, automotive, metallurgical, casting and many other industries.

In our offer, you will find a broad assortment of products made of Viton®, including:


Uszczelki płaskie, origi, simmeringi, oring, uszczelnienia płaskie z Vitonu, FKM, FPM.
TECHNICAL GASKETS made from Viton® - For industrial applications, o-rings, simmerings, v-rings, flat gaskets, sheets, profiles, cords made from Viton®, FKM, FPM material
Simmering, uszczelka płaska z Vitonu, FKM, FPM, kauczuku fluorowego
Simmerings, flat gaskets made to dimension. Production of flat gaskets
Uszczelki płaskie z Vitonu, FKM, FPM. Uszczelki pod wymiar o dowolnym kształcie.
Manufacturer of flat gaskets made of fluorine rubber, Viton® rubber, FKM, FPM. Seals made to dimension.
Simmeringi jednowargowe, dwuwargowe z Vitonu, FKM, FPM.
Simmerings made of Viton® fluorine rubber, also known as FKM or FPM. Rotary technical gaskets.
Płyta gumoz kauczuku fluorowego, płyta Viton, FKM, FPM
Viton®, FKM, FPM, fluorine rubber sheet. Fluorine rubber.

What applications do technical gaskets based on Viton® have?

The enhanced durability of gaskets based on Viton® rubber distinguishes these products from others available on the market:

– vacuum resistance,

– UV resistance,

– durable in ozone environment,

– not susceptible to the action of mineral oils and lubricants, including those containing enriching additives,

– resistance to non-organic acids: sulphuric, phosphoric, nitric, hydrochloric,

– high resistance specifications against refractory liquids, hydraulic liquids containing phosphoesters and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

The listed properties of Viton® place this material at the forefront of products from this segment, which is why it is commonly applied in the heaviest industries. Viton® gaskets, i.e. made based on fluorine rubber, are used in the gas, petrochemical and oil industry, and they are even used in coal and nuclear power plants. They also serve as seals applied in production processes in the petroleum industry. It is also worth noting that Viton® has found applications in the transport of both the aforementioned petroleum, and more broadly, of various chemical substances. The aeronautics industry also benefits from the advantages of this product.


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