FLUORODYN sealant based on VITON

Professional sealant based on Viton

THP 1000

Single-phase coating made with Viton

THP 2000

Dual-phase coating made with Viton

THA 3000

Adhesive with accelerator based on Viton

Fluorodyn Products

Specialized sealants, protective coatings and adhesives are manufactured by Thermodyn Corporation. These are formulas of the highest quality, used successfully in the energy, petrochemical and many other industries. Products of this type are an excellent support for industry and find applications wherever a leak or material fatigue could potentially occur. Most important purposes of products from Thermodyn Corporation:

– elimination of potential leaks,

– protection of surfaces against aggressive chemicals

Products such as Fluorodyn Caulk made with Viton can also be combined with other formulas, such as THP-1000 or THP-2000. In combination with them, we can achieve excellent protection of the material, as well as protection against a multitude of chemical substances.


What is Viton?

Viton is a mixture of fluoroelastomers patented by DuPont. DuPont is a global leader in the chemicals industry and is also responsible for coatings like Teflon and Kevlar. Viton finds applications in situations where extremely high resistance is required and where very heavy-duty industrial conditions are present, for example, when there are high working temperatures or aggressive chemicals.


Adhesives, coatings and sealants based on Viton

In the category of adhesives, coatings and sealants manufactured based on Viton, we find products of very high quality. The dual-component adhesive based on Viton – Fluorodyn™ Adhesive THA-3000 is a product including a specially developed accelerator. This adhesive is tasked with bonding surfaces extremely well, and must accomplish this within the shortest possible time (even at room temperature). Its characteristic feature is that it is very easy to apply, and the multiple-use can serving as its container makes it possible to use it in the future, as long as it hasn’t been mixed with the accelerator.

The single- and dual-component Fluorodyn Coating, THP-1000 and THP-2000, accordingly, are excellent products that will perform well wherever it is necessary for the formula to withstand aggressive chemical agents. Both THP-1000 and THP-2000 serve as excellent anti-corrosion protection, and they also protect surfaces exposed to heavy-duty industrial conditions. THP-2000 differs from THP-1000 in that its set contains a specially developed accelerator, which speeds up the drying process significantly and enhances the coating’s mechanical resistance.

The Fluorodyn Caulk sealants found in this group are optimal solutions, worth using when sealing technical equipment against leakage of aggressive chemicals. Sealants of this type also provide the surface with protection against corrosion in nearly every environment. This product also gets perfect results when it comes to sealing flanges and filling spaces around the circumference of pipes.