v733 Viton FKM sheet,

A FKM/Viton®, or fluorine rubber, sheet is an excellent material distinguished by incomparable resistance in comparison to other rubber products or similar to rubber. They are used to produce seals and gaskets. They are distinguished by:

Advantages of FKM/Viton® V733 sheet:



Viton® A: 66 % fluorine content

Below, we present standard dimensions of Trelleborg V733 Viton sheets found in our offer.

You can buy entire rolls of Viton® sheet as well as any sheet segment made of Viton® rubber.

If you require a flat gasket made from Viton® V733 sheet, please contact us for a quotation and the time required to fabricate a given gasket.

What is the trademark’s history?

To understand the history of Viton® well, once must go back to the start of the 19th century. In 1802, an American chemist and industrialist of French origin, Éleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours, founded the DuPont company, which was concerned with the production of gunpowder in the first years of its operation. The company invested in the chemicals market throughout the entire 19th century. But the real boom in growth happened in the 20th century. Scientists commissioned by DuPont discovered groundbreaking, very durable materials such as:

•   Nylon,

•  Teflon,

•  Kevlar,

•  now joined by Viton®, discovered in 2012.

DuPont revolutionized the polymers market.

Today, the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is one of the largest global concerns operating on the chemicals market.

Sheets cut to dimension

Depending on demand, you can order entire rolls of sheets from us, or sheets in original dimensions, or place an order for a specific dimension. The cost of Viton® sheets is not low, which is why we also offer trimming, so that the material is cut ideally for the specific size needs. We perform our trimming service on modern machines, hence we can guarantee precise cutting. We also pay special attention that the exterior edges are perfectly finished.

Costs and availability of FKM sheets

The cost of Viton sheets is much higher than that of SBR, EPDM or NBR sheets, however this is because of the differences in the mixes used in the production of individual sheets, which is later reflected in the physical and chemical properties of individual sheets.

Thanks to their fluorine rubber content, Viton® sheets are characterized by excellent resistance to chemicals and temperature, which places them above sheets made from standard rubber mixtures.

Because we store Viton® sheets in our warehouse, there are no problems with their availability. Depending on whether an order will concern an entire roll or whether trimming will be performed, the production date will occur within several days.

If you require a flat gasket made from Viton® V733 sheet, please contact us for a quotation and the time required to fabricate a given gasket.